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Is your business growing in size or traffic? Is theft or unwelcome visitors becoming more and more of a problem? Then it might just be time to consider hiring a security company. Vista Security Services International is a top of the line security company with years of experience dealing with crime prevention and apprehension. Being one of the best security companies in Puerto Rico, you can’t go wrong with the countless services and benefits Vista Security Services International offers.



With licensed, uniformed, armed and unarmed security officers, Vista Security Services International provides you with a variety of security guards for all your business needs. Whether it be for patrols, crime prevention or contacting the police, our security guards are highly trained and knowledgeable on the best courses of action in any situation.

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We will provide your business with marked security vehicles that will drive around your property as both a deterrent and active crime prevention. Our trained professionals behind the wheel possess the most current and effective communication gear for getting in contact with local authorities at a moment’s notice.

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For properties where a car or larger vehicle would be impractical or impossible to traverse, we offer Bicycle Patrols. Similar in almost every facet as a motorized vehicle patrol, our bike patrols provide nimble and efficient protection in tight or cluttered properties.

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The key here is once again crime prevention. Our trained professionals are here to look out for and identify signs of potential theft or other intended crimes. This can be as little as keeping a closer eye on individuals who come with large bags or noticing when individuals are acting suspiciously.

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Typically placed in the lobby of the healthcare facility, some of our guards’ tasks include issuing access badges, maintaining logs, and inspecting bags and packages. They ensure that no patients are leaving when they shouldn’t be and make sure only authorized individuals have access to patients or medical materials and equipment.

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Similar to healthcare facilities, guards will be posted at the front desk and act as the first person customers interact with when they enter. Once again they will control badgers, maintain logs and inspect bags and packages.

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This is ensuring that any items or people of high value are protected when being transported. This can either be protection from weather such as hurricanes or terrorist attacks and attempted robberies. We do this through rerouting traffic, protected convoys, and mobilization of manpower.

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Our guards will ensure any emergencies are contained and handled. Whether this means keeping away unauthorized people or protecting lives or property in situations where there is extreme danger or risk of it. This can be due to weather related incidents or terrorist attacks.

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The Benefits of Hiring One of the Best Security Companies in Puerto Rico


Crime Deterrent & Prevention

Criminals tend to go after the easiest targets available. They don’t want to have to figure out convoluted plans to make a big theft. They want to walk in, quickly steal an item and then walk out. Having a visible security guard is a great way to deter potential criminals. Most won’t want to deal with the hassle or will be frightened off by the idea of being caught. Guards are trained to also know what to look for identifying criminals and can help spot out the telltale signs of one about to commit a crime. Guards can then take steps to either prevent the crime themselves or have police at the ready for the second the suspect breaks the law.

Constant Monitoring

Obviously you can’t always be at your store or business. This is where you can implement twenty-four hour guard coverage to ensure your business is always under surveillance. Additionally, electronic security monitoring systems can be installed that will immediately alert the police if there is any trespassing or attempted break ins. Either way your business will be under constant protection, meaning you don’t have to worry as much and now the job of keeping your place of work safe falls under the expertise of trained professionals.

Customer Service

Security Guards aren’t only just for keeping your business safe, but also the people shopping or conducting business there. Security Guards can act as the first threshold guardian to your business meaning they’re the first person customers meet. This can be done by posting them at a front desk or at a security gate that you first enter through. Guards can offer assistance by directing customers on where to go as well as adding a sense of comfort to them by letting them know the building is being protected. Additionally they can provide escorts to people late at night or that are just worried about shady characters that are in the vicinity.

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At Vista Security Services International it is our goal to keep areas under our protection as safe as humanly possible. We do this through implementing the most up to date crime prevention technology and training as well as through maintaining the highest form of professionalism and integrity in our workers. Led by retired police officer William A. Lopez, we have over thirty years of crime prevention experience and we have been serving the good people of Puerto Rico and Florida for over ten years. With a focus on high quality customer service we know you won’t find better security companies in Puerto Rico.

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