New Year New Events | 5 Tips For A Safe Event This Year

When you're planning a special event, choose a Miami security company that will be guaranteed to do the job right so you don't have to worry about safety. In today's world, having a safety and contingency plan is vital to keeping event attendees and concert goers safe. Terrorism and active shooter situations are at the top of everyone's mind, and being able to provide trusted security will make you one of the best event planners in town.

What Your Miami Security Will Do

Security guard companies may have different plans and protocols when it comes to their procedures, so event planners must ask questions and understand the scope of what the guards will be doing at the party. Five things you can expect and will also need to help provide information about, to keep your event safe include:

Knowing the Venue - The security company will identify all entrances and exits, where people are likely to congregate, windows, delivery doors, outside alleys, and where prohibited spaces are so they can plan the placement of guards and how they will rotate.

Risk Assessment - The amount of security you will need depends on the type of event and the potential risk assessment. Will your event face protestors outside? Is alcohol going to be served? Will there be several hundred people in attendance? The security guard companies in Miami can help you analyze your event's risk and come up with the best plan for safety.

Crowd Control - Security guards help ensure that your patrons and guests stay where the party is and don't go wandering around the venue. Security guards can also help at the door, ensuring that the venue is not reaching capacity and stopping more guests from coming into the event when needed.

Medical Providers - Many security teams know how to do CPR and basic first aid, but for large scale events such as sports, concerts, conventions, or festivals, event planners should have trained medical professionals on-site to mitigate injuries and illness quickly. First aid kits in the bathrooms and common areas are great to have, but an EMT on-site will help reduce your liability if a medical emergency happens on site.

Communication - The event team needs to be able to communicate with the security team; however, it is usually best to have one point of contact person (usually the event manager) in touch with the security team. Before the event starts, ensure that everyone is clear on expectations of communication so that the coordination of the event runs smoothly.

Providing top-notch Miami security is what Vista Security Services is passionate about. Partnering with the best event security services not only keeps your guests safe but helps to mark you as one of the best and most reliable event planners in South Florida.

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