VSS assigns a “take-home” two-way Motorola radio to all security officers regardless of their post assignments.  This allows the security officer to respond directly to any emergency call-out assignments without first having to report to the VSS Headquarters.  Our state-of-the-art radio system has a multi-county range capability which allows for all radios to have synchronized communication.  Additionally, our radios are integrated through a Wi-Fi SiteCast system that allows our supervisors to stay in touch via their I-phones and laptops.  Our SiteCast system also enables us to provide our clients with direct radio access to the guards, should they so desire.  This system provides for greater accountability of our guards and supervisors.   VSS equips all of our marked security vehicles with video and GPS recording and tracking devices. This system ensures greater accountability during patrol assignments.  We record the direction of travel, speed and stops. This system allows for real-time and post-trip monitoring of driving habits for accountability, safety and training purposes. All reports are completed on  our digital computer report writing system and immediately forwarded to clients without delay.

All on-duty security officers, regardless of their assignments, receive a radio check “Status Check Call” every thirty minutes. The “Status Check Call” allows the radio communication center to ensure the security officers are safe and alert at their posts. In the event a security officer does not answer the radio check, a supervisor is immediately dispatched to the scene to check on the officer’s condition and ensure that the officer and post are safe and secure.