Emergency Management

Due to South Florida's severe weather, hurricane climate and the ever-present national terrorism threat, Vista Security Services International has implemented an emergency response system. We are prepared to act when our clients require mobilization of additional manpower, establishment of a command post, or containment of the site of an emergency. When faced with emergency situations, we activate our Alfa/Bravo 12 Hour working shifts to provide the client with enhanced coverage and support during a crisis period.

We understand the importance of being able to adjust and adapt to sudden changes. Our goal is to follow our clients' lead in protecting life and property. Our guards are trained to:

  • re-route traffic in affected area(s)
  • respond to requests for emergency assistance
  • provide access routes to affected areas
  • facilitate crowd control (keeping lines in order, keeping unauthorized persons out)
  • assist in the orderly evacuation of structures and/or premises
  • safeguard structures and sites
  • provide escorts of vehicles, people and employees
  • provide high visibility security in the affected areas
  • and other areas of assistance as requested