8 Signs You Need Help with Commercial Security

Commercial security can be a difficult thing to master and it may not always be clear what path you have to take to make sure everything is in order. Vista Security Services International in Miami can help you get your commercial security in order. As a security guard company, we know the signs of when it is time to upgrade your security and we can help you determine these more readily. If you have any further questions, contact us at Vista Security Services International today.

Commercial Security Problem Signs


  • You see an increase in security issues: Security issues such as theft or vandalism may seem far-fetched for some business owners but the moment that you begin to notice these signs in or around your own business, it may be time to step up your security.
  • Your area is dealing with more crime: This follows suit with the previous point; the more crime that you begin to notice in your neighborhood, the more exposed you are to security issues with your own business. It is best to tackle the problem early and mitigate it altogether.
  • You are getting complaints about security personnel: Security personnel should be behaving in a dignified and respectful manner. If you are getting complaints about security personnel not behaving as they should, this is a sign there needs to be a change.
  • Your security personnel are complaining: Though it is true that you need to listen to complaints about your security staff, you also need to listen to complaints from your security staff. They may have insights about your security issues that others may not.
  • Your security elements are not integrated: If you have a security team as well as an emergency team and an alarm system, but they are not all working together, then you are going to have issues that get progressively worse.
  • Other businesses do not have the same issues: If you are the only business in your area that is having issues, it is likely that you have become a target as a result of issues with your security.
  • You are not satisfied with results: Even if you have a decent security program, this does not mean that you are completely happy with it. You may be wanting better, more comprehensive results.
  • You are not working with professionals: A professional security company can get you the results that you need. They know security because they have dealt with it for a long time.


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