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Managing Public Safety In Public Spaces

Security officers are an essential component of any public or private high-traffic event or venue. As an event organizer or business owner, it is your responsibility to provide a safe environment to your guests or employees. The failure to do so can lead to all sorts of liabilities, complaints, and legal issues that you likely … Read more »

Workplace Violence: The Security Guard Solution

Security guards are valuable assets in assessing and ending workplace violence. Vista Security Services International in Miami can help you get the security guard who will grant you the help you need. As one of the top security guard companies, we know the value that the right security guard can bring to your company and … Read more »

Misconceptions About Security Service

We see security guards every day at different locations busy protecting the entrance to a private property or ensuring that the concert by a popular pop star goes without any security concerns. We see them every day but we don’t give much thought to the role they play in keeping us safe. Vista Security Services … Read more »

8 Signs You Need Help with Commercial Security

Commercial security can be a difficult thing to master and it may not always be clear what path you have to take to make sure everything is in order. Vista Security Services International in Miami can help you get your commercial security in order. As a security guard company, we know the signs of when … Read more »