When Is the Right Time to Hire a Security Guard?

Are you in need of a security guard, but don’t know who has the best security guards in Miami? Maybe the security guard services you’re looking for have specifics that you aren’t sure anyone can fill. Do you need a guard that can work both day and night? Perhaps you’ve had a break-in at night, and you’re tired of people stealing from your store. Whatever it is, Vista Security Services International has the right services to fit your needs. We make all of our locations safe for the community, and we maintain high professional ethics. William A. Lopez, the founder of the company, is a retired police officer with over thirty years of experience. He worked in criminal investigations, crime prevention, and security services. He started this company a decade ago with one thing in mind. He wanted to have guards that understood the concept of crime prevention with excellent training and customer service. We know how our professional image effects yours. Once we hire a guard, they receive training in the field of crime prevention, communication, and customer service. The post they’re assigned is their baby. They’re responsible for meeting all of the client’s needs. Not only will we meet your expectations, but we will exceed them. Our goal isn’t to half do anything. We want to do nothing but exceed your expectations. Other security guard companies will only half do the job with laziness. The moment a shoplifter enters a store with our guard in it, they’ll think twice about stealing. Since every client is unique with needs, we ask them to fill out surveys before we make a deal. This allows us to figure out what their needs are so that we can tailor our service for them. We’re also insured. We’re insured beyond the required amount Florida needs. Should a client need a look at our services, then we provide them with them. All of our guards maintain a uniform, professional ethics, and strict monitoring to make sure they’re upholding our values.

Our Guards Are Different

You don’t have to worry about your assigned guard being able to handle himself in a confrontation or professionally. We do all the filtering needs here. Unlike other security guard companies that hire anyone, we take pride in our hiring and training. You’ll only receive the most qualified and dedicated candidates. They take on many challenges and exams. The competitive pay also helps them stay on their toes.

Why Choose Our Security Guard Services?

If you have a lot of parking lot safety concerns, then a guard could help. An unguarded lot can breed vandalism, thefts, and muggings. For high crime areas, it seems like a no brainer to hire one of our guards. If you want customers to come to your store, then the only way that they’ll keep coming is if their chances of being mugged are low. As we stated before, our guard’s presence will lower the number of thefts from your store, thus stopping you from losing more money.

Call Us Today

For the best security guard services in Miami, there is no better place than Vista Security Services International. Other security guard companies don’t filter and train the way we do, so call us today or visit our contact page.